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Prioritize challenges and needs

Giving your team a voice in devising impactful solutions to remote working challenges.

Brainstorming & Ideation
Generate and cluster insights around common themes
Distill clustered insights to central challenges
Prioritize challenges and needs to tackle

Glenn Fajardo, Teacher at the Hasso Plattner School of Design at Stanford, joins MURAL Learning Experience Lead Hailey Temple and a distributed team to investigate the unique challenges facing remote workers. Glenn leads a clustering exercise to visualize insights around each challenge and distill each grouping to a central headline. The group uses MURAL features to interrogate time management, social interaction, and “evening the playing field” when some of the team is co-located. Glenn introduces a synthesis exercise where the team visualizes and votes to prioritize central challenges and needs. Panelists pitch solutions that can be tested to gauge impact.

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