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Accelerate decision making with your team

Distributed teammates use a Lightning Decision Jam activity to get unstuck.

Strategy & Planning
Organize concepts with Affinity Diagramming
Investigate potential solutions through a How Might We? exercise
Use MURAL features for rapid ideation and refining group focus

Robert Skrobe of Dallas Design Sprints leads MURAL Head of Services Mark Tippin and a group of MURAL collaborators through a Lightning Decision Jam activity, which helps a distributed team come to decisions quickly. Robert demonstrates Affinity Diagramming to organize initial concerns into categories, then panelists pinpoint a top issue using the voting feature and feelings scale. The group expands on this central theme in a How Might We? exercise then repeat a series of Affinity Diagram and rapid ideation sessions before using the voting feature to narrow down the most impactful potential solutions. Robert helps the panel summarize the session and devise action items for each member of the group. 

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